Support is provided for the EDM3000 software at Server or Desktop level.  We provide 365 day 24/7 on-call support, email support and remote access support.  As EDM3000 is based on a SQL back end data base server we expect the SQL server to be maintained by the existing SQL support provider. However, we can provide SQL support on a 'time and materials' basis.

As support requirements normally increase with the size of an installation and the size of a site we have three levels of support available:

Small site (less than 10 users)

£POA pa (365/24/7)

Large site (more than 10 users)

£POA pa (365/24/7)

Multi-site (up to 3 locations), single server/since instance (more than one campus)

£POA pa (365/24/7)

Larger installations will be quoted for depending on the size of installation and number of users.

SQL and additional consultation available at £TBA per hour with a minimum of 6 hours.

NB: All the above prices do not include any local taxes, road charges or overseas travel costs.

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