EDM3000: Network SQL version of Electronic Dietetics Manager, release 3000. 

(Tested with MS SQL 8 and 12)

£POA per server multi-site licence.*

System requirements:

Server: MS SQL 2008 and above (any type including Express). Disk space: 100Mb at time if install (standard use of system will increase data use by approximately 100kb per day). Back up: Use standard SQL backup (no special requirements).

Workstation: Windows XP and above (Vista strongly NOT recommended) with 4Gb RAM and Intel i3 or better processor. Windows 7 or 10 is the preferred workstation platform.

* Installation, consultancy, training and report configurations will be priced on a per site basis after a site survey and assessment has been completed.

NB: This software requires MS SQL to be present on the network to function. If you are an existing EDM2000 user and are on a current support contact then you will be provided an upgrade free from EDM2000 to EDM3000 (excluding MS SQL licence, however for small sites EDM3000 can use SQL Express which is free from Microsoft).

Interface Modules:

HL7 -> EDM3000

Provides import of patient details and demographics into the program. Can be used to trigger the removal of current feeds or meals from the system thus reducing waste. 

Blood results -> EDM3000

Imports blood results from hospital lab system into EDM3000. Ensures accurate and fast transfer of data to minimise manual transcription errors.

Each import module is £POA to supply and install.


We recommend the use of dedicated label printers from Zebra and the following model is the standard unit:

Zebra ZD420T, with network option(SKU:ZD4A042-30EE00EZ)

Current print is £556 but please check before ordering as price may vary.


The standard label configuration is a white plastic with high temperature resistant adhesive in a 101mm x 25mm format - option for semi-perm or permanent adhesive.

£25.71 per roll of 1,500 labels (Part no.: LABMM2k1500) - semi-perm adhesive.


The ribbons we recommend are of the wax resin type; this permits the print to withstand pasteurisation and blast chilling without any fade or reduction in clarity.

£7.93 per 74m x 101mm roll (Part no.: 03200GS110077)

NB: All the above prices do not include any local taxes or delivery for overseas orders.  Please ask for a written quotation before placing an order. 

Any site using 3rd party payment services must send payment at time of order. This does not apply to hospitals sending payments from an accounts department internal to the trust. If unsure as to whether this applies please contact use before placing orders.

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