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Electronic Dietetics Manager (EDM) has been in use by hospitals though-out the UK NHS since 1997.  It is now in use in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland in all the major paediatric centres of excellence. As of 2018 we are expanding our user base to the Middle East. Now in it's '3000' release level it has greatly expanded the level of functionality and power.  The EDM3000 product has been driven by the users requirements and now provides a highly functional system for the use of the dietetics departments and other health care professionals. The use of this program will greatly enhance the level of service and traceability of all users and patients alike.

Please contact us for a full demonstration or discussion on how EDM3000 can transform your department today.

Key functions:

> Patient demographics.

> Unlimited contacts for each patient and shared contacts.

> Electronic patient notes.

> Patient linked To-Do lists.

> Department based diary system.

> Siblings links with fast retrieval.

> Easy patient search with persistent filter options.

> ICD diagnostic and McKusick levels.

> Events tracking (inc. appointments, bloods and clinics).

> Growth charts with Z-scores.

> Blood charts with patient age specific ranges.

> Modular feed calculations and bottle labelling.

> Key fact tab.

> Like/dislike tab.

> Standard and unlimited Custom reports.

> Patient document vault.

> Custom menu meal planning.

> Meal management and labelling.

> Product diet type linking to patient permitted diets.

> Data import from hospital patient system (optional).

> Data blood import from hospital lab system (optional).

> Key asset for a paperless/paper lite department.

> Email and SMS from within application with full message tracking.

> Multi-site or single site configurations.

> Spell checking on all text entries.

Note: Due to the use of SQL back end data base server, many of the advanced features of SQL can be utilised, including full audit of every data entry (SQL 12 and above) and fall-over redundancy and/or clustering. Thus a 'high reliability' and 'high redundancy' can be achieved for this software.

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